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Organizational Structure:

IRCS’s Medical Procurement Organization [General Assembly]

Board of Directors [Chairman of the Board][Board of Directors][Vice-Chairman of the Board]

Managing Director [Managing Director]

Security Administration

Executive Deputy [Acting Executive Deputy]

Human Resources Department [Human Resources Manager]

Budget and Financial Affairs Department [Financial manager]

Deputy of Technology and Innovation development [Deputy of Technology and Innovation development]

Planning and Strategic Studies Office [Planning and Strategic Studies Office Manager]

Research, Development and Commercialization Administration [Research, Development and Commercialization’s Director General]

Quality Improving and Evaluation Administration [Quality Improving and Evaluation’s Director General]

Managing Director’s Office and Public Relations [Director General of Managing Director’s office] [Public Relations Manager]

Legal Office [Acting Director of Legal Office]

Assessment and Internal Auditing Office [Acting Director of Operational Assessment and Internal Auditing Administration]