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Soha Helal Distribution Co. obtains a permit for cross-country distribution of narcotic medicines
Soha Helal Distribution Co. has been granted a permit in order to distribute narcotic medicines across the country, said Soha Helal Managing Director
4 April 2021
MPO's Managing Director: MPO, its subsidiary companies strive on developing humanitarian aids
In a visit to Soha Jissa Agro-Industry company accompanied with IRCS' President, Dr. Askari laid stress on using available herbal medicines across
6 March 2021
Presidency headquarter for biotechnology development, MPO sign an MoU in the field of new pharmaceutical technologies
Employing the capacities of knowledge-based companies and Soha Pharmaceutical company, an MoU for developing medicines using new pharmaceutical
14 February 2021
MPO's Managing Director sets strategic goals for subsidiary companies
Cooperation between subsidiary companies is among MPO's main pillars
6 February 2021

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Protect yourself and others from COVID-19
The member of health and treatment Commission in the country asserted: Assuming needed policies by commission, expensiveness and lack of medicine problem is solved in the country.
Pointing to dust phenomenon, Head of Health of environment description that what people do to reduce effect on dust
First meeting of M.P.O with active companies was held in medical , medicinal, medical equipment, herbal and chemical fields.
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