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IRCS develops the most modern dialysis filter/ IRCS sets up comprehensive rehabilitation centers in all provinces, said IRCS President.
Tehran, July 1, MPO_ IRCS President announced the trial production of new dialysis filter (Plus series) in Helal Iran Medical Devices Company, and hop
( 02 07 18)
Supplying medicines through legal methods is among our essential duties/ In case new sanctions are imposed on Iran, we will turn them into opportunities, said MPO’s Managing Director
Benefiting from all colleagues’ experiences and views and by fostering the spirit of convergence, we would make a prosperous year for our organization
( 30 05 18)
In a decree, IRCS’s Director General of Security Department, appointed Dr.Alireza Hedayati Firoozabadi as MPO's Acting Manager of Security Administration
Dr. Alireza Hedayati Firoozabadi appointed as MPO’s Acting Manager of Security Administration in a decree issued by
Dr. Mehdi karami
( 29 05 18)
( 27 05 18)

Medicine News

The member of health and treatment Commission in the country asserted: Assuming needed policies by commission, expensiveness and lack of medicine problem is solved in the country. ادامه مطلب
Pointing to dust phenomenon, Head of Health of environment description that what people do to reduce effect on dust ادامه مطلب
First meeting of M.P.O with active companies was held in medical , medicinal, medical equipment, herbal and chemical fields. ادامه مطلب
Declaring the names of unlicensed satellite medicines, Spokesman of Medicine & Food Organization asserted, consumption of this medicines recently causes death of some people and suffering of some others. ادامه مطلب
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