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Dr. Hemmati's unannounced Central Pharmacy visit/ Striving to improve service delivery
"We have always endeavored to improve service delivery and revering people", underlined IRCS' President at the time of his unannounced visit to IRCS'
( 10 09 20)
IRCS' subsidiary pharmacies fill +33K prescriptions
More than 33.6K prescriptions were filled in MPO's Central, Tehranpars and Kish Island pharmacies during last 3 months, MPO's Managing Director said.
( 06 09 20)
IRCS maintains continuity in manufacturing dialyzers to address needs of patients with renal disease/Production capacity of 10K dialyzers per day
Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. is able to manufacture 10K dialyzers per day and 2.5 million dialyzers annually
( 31 08 20)
Soha Helal Distribution Co. distributes health, pharmaceutical products in deprived areas
MPO's Soha Helal Distribution Co. continues providing and distributing health and pharmaceutical products to fight against Covid-19 in deprived areas
( 26 08 20)

Medicine News

The member of health and treatment Commission in the country asserted: Assuming needed policies by commission, expensiveness and lack of medicine problem is solved in the country.
Pointing to dust phenomenon, Head of Health of environment description that what people do to reduce effect on dust
First meeting of M.P.O with active companies was held in medical , medicinal, medical equipment, herbal and chemical fields.
Declaring the names of unlicensed satellite medicines, Spokesman of Medicine & Food Organization asserted, consumption of this medicines recently causes death of some people and suffering of some others.
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