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By being committed to the motto of national self-sufficiency in producing pharmaceutical products and medical devices, this organization has always endeavored to facilitate the access of people to the medical items


Purpose of foundation:

Meet country’s requirements in pharmaceuticals and medical devices’ fields


Organization’s Mission:

  •        Developing and optimizing procurement, production, and supply systems in pharmaceuticals and medical devices’ fields
  •          Rendering timely services in emergency situations and supplying deprived regions with medical items


Organization’s duties:

  •     Supplier of chemical and herbal medicines and different types of vaccines

      • Procurement, production, export, and import of pharmaceutical products and medical, rescue and relief equipment

    Supplier of raw materials, dietary supplements, and different types of medical, rescue and relief, hospital, laboratory, rehabilitation, and biological equipment

    Getting agency from internal and external companies and establishing

    branches in other countries

Entering into partnership of plans and stocks of related companies

  Conducting any type of activities which deemed to be helpful for the fulfillment of our organizational goals and missions