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Dialysis is a type of treatment which performs some of natural functions of kidneys. Dialysis is applied when kidneys no longer can remove waste and extra fluid from the body. This usually happens when kidneys functionality has been declined to 10-15 percent. Like healthy kidneys, dialysis can maintain the balance of the body. In order to prevent accumulation, it also can remove wastes, salt and extra fluids from the body. Furthermore, it keeps the level of some chemical elements like Potassium, Sodium and Bicarbonate fixed in the bloodstream. It also helps to regulate the blood pressure. Dialysis does some of healthy kidney’s functions but it will not help an individual’s kidney failure to get better. Unless undergoing a kidney transplant procedure, a person with kidney failure needs a lifelong hemodialysis treatment.

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Hemodialysis Machines;

By using hemodialysis filter, this machine separates toxins like urea and keratin from the blood. This machine acts as an alternative for the individuals with kidney failure. Fresenius hemodialysis machines can perform hemodialysis without any additional equipment. While it is working, the machine shows the circulation of dialysis solution as well as the external blood stream circulation. As the dialysis solution circulates in the machine, the water which is purified by RO will be mixed by dialysis concentrate. Afterward, it will be warmed and degassed and then transferred to the dialysis filter. The internal and external stream volume will be balanced. Dialysis filter pressure is regulated in comparison to chosen ultrafiltration speed and the specifications of the applied dialysis filter. In the external bloodstream circulation, Hepartin is constantly injected into bloodstream and blood will enter the dialysis filter by means of a pump. Dialysis filter has semi-preamble membranes into which blood enter and dialysis solution flows around membrane inside the filter case. Dialysis solution is composed of sodium, potassium and glucose ions. Blood toxins pass through the semi-preamble membrane and enter into dialysis filter case and will be removed by hemodialysis machine. Afterwards, the purified blood returns into the patient body.

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