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Medical Procurement Organization / About Us / History & Introduction

Medical Procurement Organization

With the aim of supplying required pharmaceutical products and medical devices by hospitals and IRCS’s medical centers, Medical Procurement Organization was founded in 1955. By enjoying a complex of pharmaceutical and medical devices’ manufacturing companies as well as possessing distribution and commercial companies, this Organization has endeavored to render the best possible services to honorable Iranians. By doing so and its sincere contribution, it has had a significant role in the healthcare system of the society.

Soha Complex has always considered the health of all people. In order to gain national pride with the motto of self-sufficiency in producing pharmaceutical and medical devices’ products, it has endeavored to address the  sublime goals of IRCS including reduction of people misery as well as enhancing society healthcare system.


Medical Procurement Duties

  •          Assistance in supplying the required pharmaceutical products of the country
  •          Provision of raw materials, nutritional and dietary supplements, and medical devices
  •          Completion, development, and setting up new pharmaceutical and medical devices’ units of affiliated companies
  •          Conducting research and carrying out technical and engineering activities in the field of society healthcare
  •          Obtaining agency from domestic and foreign companies in the fields of pharmaceutical products and medical devices
  •       Establishing partnership on the projects of other companies which are related to MPO's domain of activities
  •      Conducting activities which are deemed to be helpful for society's health


Affiliated companies

·        Helal Iran Medical Devices Company

·        Soha Pharmaceutical Company

·        Soha Helal Distribution Company

·        Soh Kish Commercial Company

·        IRCS central, specialty and sub-specialty pharmacies